There is no definite set of resitance band exercises that must be done if you are a beginner, but it does help to have a few exercises that are easy enough to not discourage you, yet give results to keep you interested in continuing your workout routine. These exercises are done using conventional methods but we will incorporate them into a routine using resistance bands. Some exercises are more suited for different types of resistance bands, and others can be achieved using any of them. Take a look at the following and see if you might like to start on your road to fitness by using some of these simple yet effective exercises.

Exercising with resistance bands

  • The biceps curl: This is perhaps the most widely used exercise for free weights, exercise machines, and resistance bands. It is a very simple exercise that works great for any type of resistance bands. This exercise can be done using both arms at the same time or using them individually. Step on the band at the right feeling length and straighten your arms while turning wrists away from you. Now you can simply raise your arm by bending at the elbow and let it go back down slowly. You will have to find the right amount of resistance and repetitions that suit you. Remember to keep your wrist from flexing, it is your biceps that you are working on. Not maintaining proper wrist positioning can cause serious issues with wrist pain and inflammation.

    Biceps Curl Exercise
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  • Chest compresses: Firm up your chest muscles for added strength and nicer posture. Attach the resistance band to something at your chest level and with back facing the object stand about a foot or two from the object and use the ends or handles to push forward with your arm and chest muscles. Be careful that you keep it level and steady in front of you, not deviating to the sides. Out in front and back toward you in the shoulder area. Your elbows should be bent outward but not too far off on the sides, something between out and down. If you don’t have a hook or clamp on your band, simply wrap it around or run it along the back of object.
  • Squats: Great for working both arms and legs, and also back because it is important to keep your back straight as possible during all positions of this exercise. Stand in the middle of the resistance band with feet about shoulder width apart and firmly grasp both ends of the band, one in each hand. While standing start down into squat position being careful to keep your hands at shoulder level. Come back up while still keeping hands on the same level. This is a simple but effective up-down exercise even thought it can be rather rigorous for a beginner as it incorporates more areas of muscle than the previous two exercises mentioned above.
  • Lateral rows: Simple and great for strong shoulders and upper arms. Stand upon the resistance band as you would for the biceps curl but this time you will have palms facing toward your hips. Grasping the ends with each hand, raise arms upward from your sides to shoulder level and bring back down slowly till arms are resting at you sides again. Keep at it and see the well toned, larger shoulders and upper arms you will gain from this fast to learn exercise.

    Lateral Rows exercise
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  • Triceps extensions: Fabulous for toning the inside of the upper arm. Loop one end of your resistance band around each hand or use the handles if you have that type of band. Stand with one arm down along your side and your other arm bent behind your head. While still grasping the end of the band, extend arm straight upward toward the ceiling and back into beginning position. This exercise will help you to do overhead activities or work with more strength.

Exercising is healthy and develops a positive attitude

As we see, great exercises do not have to be complicated or require special equipment. These are simple and easy to perform, the hardest being the squats because you are using more muscle groups during the exercise. These exercises are all great for toning and strengthening some very commonly used parts of your body. When you have done a few weeks of these exercises, you will notice that some of your usual duties become easier. You will also notice that along with the better form and posture you have attained, you will not only feel better physically but will also get more confidence. Keeping your courage and fortitude high is a positive attitude and when you see great results from your efforts, you will have a much better attitude toward exercising in general.


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