SPRI offers some resistance bands with progressive resistance levels for multiple uses and fitness levels. Allowing for isolation of targeted muscle groups and full range of motion exercise. Ideal for group exercise, personal training, and traveling.

SPRI Original Xertube resistance tubes

SPRI resistance bands
SPRI Original Xertube

The Original Xertube from SPRI is available in 5 different versions:

  1. Yellow Xertube – Very Light Resistance
  2. Green Xertube® – Light Resistance
  3. Red Xertube® – Medium Resistance
  4. Blue Xertube® – Heavy Resistance
  5. Purple Xertube® – Ultra Heavy Resistance

These bands are perfect for those of you who do some recreational resistance or weight training and also travel regularly. If you do a significant amount of muscle training at high weight or resistance, this will not offer much challenge to you. If you need something to use in a hotel room however, this is ideal for it’s small luggage footprint as well as it’s ease of use.

The Yellow tube has a weight equivalence of  approximately 3 to 5 pounds, 6 pounds for the green tube, 10 pounds for red, the weight equivalence of the blue tube is approximately 15 pounds and finally the purple band had a “resistance” of about 20 pounds.

So for experienced havy lifters, the purple band (which has the most heavy resistance), won’t be nearly heavy enough and unless you would combine 2 bands together, their resistance isn’t going to satisfy you. All depends on how many handles you can grab at once or how good your grip is if you grab the actual cord.
Women and casual lifters might enjoy this product more, giving them a great deal of toning, but if you’re a heavy lifter, don’t count on it for anything other than some light toning. It just doesn’t have enough resistance.

There are a large assortment of exercises that can be done with this band with or without using a door. You can curl it by standing on it and pulling upward, shrug it, do lunges with it, do rows with it (door needed for that one) and simulate pull ups (also needing a door for this one) to a reasonable degree. You can also adjust your own resistance on some exercises that require you to stand on the band by widening your stance. It’s a very logical and simple product to use.

If you keep al of this in mind you can’t go wrong with these resitance band from SPRI, not for these prices!!

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